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Inaugural Tiltrotor Seminar

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The booklet each attendee received to make notes in and keep as a momento.


Connect with relevant stakeholders, including business leaders operators and authorities. We aim to bring people and companies together to build a better future.


AIA desires new futures through cutting-edge technology solutions that restore equity in Australia and abroad. This is the first dedicated conference for tiltrotor technology in Australasia and offers a starting point for commercial introduction into our landscape.


Everyone deserves to feel safe and be healthy. By introducing the tiltrotor to Australia there is obvious gain via improved support to people in remote and rural areas, whilst also providing a benefit to people in urban areas.

Aeromedical Innovation Australasia supported by Airmid Training Solutions are proud to announce this Inuagural seminar to discuss tiltrotor operations in Australia specific to emergency management. Our aim is to encourage discussion between industry, government and the manufacturer to assist with the timely introduction of the AW609 into Australia. The seminar will be held over two days at the Brisbane Rydges South Bank Hotel in their modern function suite with a food and drink package included. The conference venue is a short walk from the South Bank Railway station, which provides easy access to Brisbane airport via the Airtrain.


Come and hear relevant presentations from speakers including:

  • Bruce Wicksteed- Lead: Project Artemis 
  • Josh Keegan- CEO: World Drone Challenge.
  • Tony Laws- Director: Airmid Training Solutions.
  • Ben Davoren- Training Manager: TacMed Australia.
  • Brenda Stephens- CEO: Pinpoint Grants and Tenders.
  • Kevin Semler- USMC V-22 Osprey Pilot and Instructor.
  • Paul Adams- Chair: Aeromedical Innovation Australasia.
  • Sara Hales- General Manager: Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport.
  • Ewen McPhee- President: Rural Doctors Association of Australia.
  • Craig Gibbons- General Manager Northern Operations: CareFlight.
  • Dale South- CASA Senior Standards Officer - Rotorcraft.
  • Don Barbour-Independent Aviation Consultant: DJ Barbour Consulting, LLC.
  • Paul Fitzgerald- Business development expert: Cyber Health International.
  • Aidan Depetro- Modelling and Decision Support Lead: BMT Design & Technology.
  • Sandra Cowley- Critical Care Paramedic: Tiltrotor Aeromedicine Research Team.
  • Andrew Berry- State Director: Newborn and Paediatric Emergency Transport Service.
  • Paul Edwards- AW609 Experimental Test Pilot: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corporation
  • William Sunick- Senior Manager of AW609 Program Marketing: AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corportation
  • Glenn Todhunter- Head of Flight Training: Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (South Eastern Section).

21stNovember 2017

Day one will start with a registration session from 08:00 to 08:30 with doors closing and the seminar commecing at 08:30 until the finish at 17:00.

22ndNovember 2017

On day two of the seminar doors will open at 08:00 and formally commence at 08:30, finishing at 17:00.

Social function

In the evening of the 21st, a networking function is being sponsored by Flight Centre on their picturesque roof top terrace. Only a short walk from the Rydges Hotel it overlooks the Brisbane river, city skyline and the tiltrotor ready helipad on Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. At no extra cost (included in seminar attendee ticket price) this will be your opportunity to meet presenters, discuss business opportunities and further the cause of AW609 introduction to Australia.

rooftop1 rooftop2


  • Two days of seminar attendance- Talks and presentations by industry leading specialists. 
  • Seminar food and drink package- Arrival hot beverages, morning + afternoon tea's and lunch are included.
  • Evening BBQ- Outdoor BBQ served on the Flight Centre roof top terrace during the evening social event. 
  • Complimentary-Water and WIFI, subject to download limits.

Aeromedical Innovation Australasia

Cutting-edge solutions that restore equity

AIA was formed in 2015 and is now a registered Australian charity. We are independent facilitators, focussed on patient-centred improvements to communities in rural and remote Australia.  We strive to champion new futures for rural and remote healthcare with integrity and collaboration.

Our Vision:

 Equitable critical care for all Australians.

Our Mission:

 Accelerating the integration of and discovering new technologies to healthcare delivery through research and innovation.

Our Values:

  • Equity- All are deserving
  • Contingency- Always be ready
  • Urgency- Patient care prioritised
  • Innovation- Not being afraid to innovate
  • Pioneering Tradition- Striving to honour their legacy
  • Best Practice- Designing and applying the best methods

Project Thunderbird

Overcoming the tyranny of distance

Project Thunderbird is the flagship inaugural initiative of AIA to improve clinical outcomes and increase efficiency of aeromedicine for rural Australians through the integration of tiltrotor aircraft. There is rapid arrival of a specialist team, evacuation of the casualty in a vehicle that permits "treatment during transport" and timely direct transport to a facility of definitive care.

    Our Five Pillars of Retrieval Medicine:

  • Early Expert Treatment- Optimise patient care prior to transport. 
  • Focus on Definitive Care- Maximise care during movement.
  • One Bed, One Team, One Move- Simple, Efficient, Safe. 
  • Rapid Response- Minimise time to critical care.
  • Buy Time- Arrive stablised in good time. 


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Our Team

The people who are leading the charge.

Paul Adams photo

Paul Adams

AIA Chairman

Simon Butler Photo

Simon Butler

Project Thunderbird Lead
Airmid Director

Tony Laws photo

Tony Laws

Airmid Director

All teams are led by a few and supported by many, AIA and Airmid are no exception.


The companies who are making this seminar possible.

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